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GREEN HAS ITALIA S.p.A. GREEN HAS ITALIA S.p.A. is an Italian company specialized in the research, manufacturing and marketing of nutrients for plants in crop cultivation.

Green Has/ Jordan W.L.L GREEN HAS JORDAN w.l.l. On May of 2012 in Amman was in fact set up the company Green Has Jordan w.l.l. with the purpose to build a manufacturing plant. The manufacturing of fertilizers in Green Has Jordan w.l.l. follows a high quality process by using selective raw materials, advanced technology and modern equipment.

Aminco S.R.L Aminco S.R.L. was established at the beginning of the eighties to supply the farmers with new and non-traditional means to reduce production’s costs, increasing crop’s yield in quality and quantity. Aminco S.R.L. did focus its efforts on two molecules, the A.T.C.A., which is a derivative of one of the many amino acids, natural components of the vegetable proteins, and the Folic Acid, a vitamin with proven beneficial effects at cellular level.

Al Burj Agrivet Al Burj Agrivet

Egyptian Saudian Co. (E.S.Co) Egyptian Saudian Co. for organic and Chemical agriculture, founded in 2007, they produce biopesticides to combat the red palm weevil, which had a yield the broad application on many countries in the Arab World .

Teta Seed Co. TETA Seed ; It was founded in 2001 in Kahramanmaraş by Agricultural Engineer Hacı BOZOK. It is a local company that carries out R&D activities on the breeding of hybrid vegetable seeds such as tomato, pepper, cucumber, eggplant, melon, pumpkin and watermelon, and holds the "Seed Breeder's Establishment Certificate" issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In 2011, it received the title of Private Sector Agricultural Research Organization .

Insecticides Insecticides (India) Limited is a premier name in crop protection industry on India. As a leading agrochemical manufacturing enterprise, we are having wide range of technical, Ecofriendly formulations and products fit for wellness of crops and public health.

DEVA AGRO DEVA AGRO Agriculture Company established in 2000 to sales and marketing activities of pesticide products. Deva Agro has long years of experience in plant protection products and rich knowledge.

Vivekon Export It is leading manufacturer and exporter of certified organic fertilizers, organic pesticides and organic certified silicon spreader -VISILON8083.

HEKTAS One of the leading Turkish companies in plant protection, plant nutrition and seeds

PROVAM The Fertile Crescent Company for the Production of Veterinary Medicines & Agriculture is one of the largest successful companies in the field of producing veterinary and agricultural medicines in the area.

DOGAL DOGAL was established in 1994 in Istanbul, Turkey. DOGAL supplies pesticides and agrochemicals to all customers and farmers with a wide range of high-quality products and professional technical support. DOGAL has become a leading formulator of many kinds of pesticides, plant growth regulators, chelated micronutrients, foliar and drip irrigation fertilizers.

CHEMVET A leading company in the field of manufacturing agricultural pesticides

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