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CALCIOGREEN PS PLUS is a mineral water-soluble powder fertilizer based on formiate, without nitrates, chlorides and sulphates.
This formula is characterized with high calcium content and easily available for the plants.

Applied to the plant it:
– prevents and cures calcium deficiencies
– reduces flowers and fruit drop
– increases fruit set (favoring cell division)
– defends plants and fruit against water, thermal and saline stresses
– improves quality and shelflife of fruit

It is advisable to apply it before flowering, during fruit set, in case of stress conditions and at fruit ripening.

CALFOMYTH is a mineral fluid fertilizer formulated to guarantee the full availability of phosphorus and calcium in the stages with high request of these nutritional elements particularly from the pre-flowering and to the fruit formation. The specific form of phosphorus used in the CALFOMYTH formulation and the addition of calcium grant the availability of booth of these elements in any conditions. the presence of boron and molybdenum in the formulation it is important to obtain an optimal flowering anf fruit set of both fruits trees and the vegetables.

DAGLAS is a fluid fertilizer with high concentration of Nitrogen, Potassium and Sulphur. Besides its important nutritional action, it has a remarkable corrective effect on the soil, reducing the pH.

Applied to the soil:

  • it allows macronutrients to be released and increases nitrogenous fertilizations efficiency;
  • it favors soil pH decrease, making metal ions available in alkaline and calcareous soils;
  • it prolongs chelates action and increases phosphorus availability and salts solubility.

Applied to the plant:

  • It supplies Sulphur from ammonium thiosulphate, important for plants metabolism especially in bulbous plants, crucifers, leaf-beets and cereals;

DAGLAS, unlike other highly acidifying products, plays its role without damaging the bacterial flora.

The best fruit size

EXPANDO is a biostimulant that contains nutritive elements and organic compounds entirely of plant origin. The organic components of EXPANDO are substances with hormone-like activity coming from seaweed extracts, aminoacids and vitamins able to stimulate the fruit enlargement and even out the fruit size.

EXPANDO, thanks to its bioactive molecules, helps the metabolic and physiological processes that provide energy to plants like photosynthesis, essential for fruit growing. Moreover, EXPANDO makes fruits more resistant to falling and improves crop yields.

FOLIACON 22 is a fertilizer with high purity that permits the simultaneous application of calcium and magnesium in the balance 2:1 the most natural for the crops. FOLIACON 22 due to its quick action, both in foliar and in fertigation use, is particularly indicated when the plants are under stress conditions.

FOLIACON 22 has the peculiarity to be mixable with the most common agrochemicals, unlike other similar products.

GREENMIX is a water-soluble mineral product in form of powder that contains magnesium and trace elements, essential for the most important biochemical reactions in plants.

The formula is ideal in foliar application to prevent and to cure the deficiencies of magnesium and trace elements and to improve metabolic efficiency of the plants.

Thanks at its iron content GREENMIX prevents and cures the phenomenon of chlorosis.

In fertigation it can be applied alone or in mixture with liquid and water-soluble fertilizers. It is recommended to prepare the stock solutions in soilless crops.

GREIT VG is a fluid organic bio-activator containing amino acids and organic matter from vegetal origin able to grant to the crops a strong natural enhancement at the most important biological/ metabolic functions.

The special composition of GREIT VG makes this product an important key for the main nutrients to be absorbed by the plant either by leaves or by roots. GREIT VG contains vitamins, carbs and selected amino acids.

Among these particularly: the glutamic acid, essential for enhancing the synthesis of chlorophyll and the glycine betaine crucial as anti-stress agent. This complex of energetic sources for the plants, made of GREIT VG an innovative tool for a sustainable agriculture.


HASCON M10 AD is a high performance fertilizer studied for providing to the plants phosphorus, potassium together with the trace elements as boron, manganese and molybdenum for an immediate absorption in a synergic form.

The high purity of raw materials combined with Green Has Italia’s innovative production technology, guarantees the perfect miscibility of HASCON M10 AD also in water characterized by a high carbonates, bicarbonates content or by a high Sodium Absorption Ratio.

KRIPTHER is a highly assimilable product that provides phosphorus and potassium activated with magnesium and chelated copper.

Compared to similar products, KRIPTHER, has a higher phosphorous content. Thanks to its high assimilability, it can be used by foliar application and by fertigation.

Magnesium enhances the synthesis of chlorophyll and photosynthetic activity, consequently dry matter and production quality increase.

MAGIC P STAR is a mineral fluid fertilizer formulated to ensure the full availability of phosphorus and magnesium even at low temperature and during the peak needs from the plants.

These two are crucial elements particularly during the growth of new shoots of the fruit trees and after the transplant or the emergence of vegetables, both times of high request of nutritional elements for supporting the new roots development. The specific form of phosphorus used in the formulation and the add of magnesium grant the availability of both these element even at low temperatures and in low light conditions, providing to the plants an excellent new roots establishment in any condition. The presence of zinc in the formulation – in its true chelated form – it is important for both the best assimilation of magnesium and the increasing the activity of rooting enhancement.

SILVEST has a special formulation that acts either on the structural level on fruits and on the vegetative organs of the plant, making the tissues stronger increasing resistance and shelf-life.

SIBERIO is a fertilizer made for breaking buds dormancy and for enhancing vegetative re-start, increasing also uniformity of budding, flowering and fruit set.

SIBERIO mixed with SIBERIOn acts when the plants do not meet their needs in chilly hours necessary for vegetative re-start.

The product, due to its special formulation, penetrates inside the tissues and feed the dormant buds by activating enzymatic and metabolic processes essential for the vegetative re-start.

This product is suitable to break dormancy of the table grape, kiwi plant and cherry.

AGRUCON is a mineral water-soluble fertilizer based on magnesium and micronutrients.

Applied to plants it:

- favors vegetative growth;

- avoids micronutrients deficiencies (especially manganese and zinc);

- helps fruit enlargement;

- stimulates reserves formation after harvest in fruit-trees.

We recommend applying it during vegetative growth, fruit enlargement and after harvest.

OLIVOPLUS 17-17-17+2+MICRO is a water-soluble fertilizer of high solubility and purity, tailored for any phenological stage of vegetables, ornamentals and fruit trees (especially olive tree). Macronutrients ratio satisfies plant needs from blossom until fruit ripening while magnesium, boron and the rest of micronutrients prevent possible deficiency.

The product can be foliar applied and through fertigation (2 - 3‰).

SIBERIOn is a fertilizer containing a good ratio of calcium and nitrogen useful for the activation of the dormancy-breaking product SIBERIO.

VIVEMA TWIN is composed by an exclusive mix of polyphenols contained in
selected tannins, to stimulate the active development of the roots and to contribute to
the preservation of fertility. The product improves soil structure and it is very effective
even on tired or poor in organic matter soils. The properties of the polyphenols in
Vivema TWIN allow to reduce the negative effects on crops due to salinity excesses
and water stagnation and they stimulate the development of useful microflora.