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Deltin 2.5% EC: One of the strongest insecticides in the pyrethroidal group which control a wide range of insects.

 Non-systemic pyrethroidal insecticide with contact and stomach action.

Quick action against a wide range of insect pests with a long activity period.

Active Ingredient:  Each liter Contains: Deltamethrin 2.5% w/v

Crops: tomato, pepper, cucumber, potato, apple,pear and citrus

to control white fly, tomato fruit worm, leaf miners, thrips, aphids, beetles, potato tuber moth, caterpillars, psylla, fruit tortrix moth, fruit fly, bugs, pear Sucker and codling moth 


Imidal 20 SL: used as a systemic insecticide with contact & stomach poison.

Active Ingredient: Each liter Contains: Imidacloprid 200 gm

Crops: water melon, melon, squash, cucumber, pumpkin, tomato, cauliflowe, eggplant, beans, pepper and potato, 

Protected agriculture (cucumber and tomato)

 apple, pears, peach, apricot, almonds and ornamental Plants

To control white fly, aphids, thrips, leaf miners, psylla and beetles

Indo-vam-carb 15 SC: Non - systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action.
Effective by blocking the sodium channels inside the insect's neurons, which causes the insect to stop movement and death within 2-3 days of exposure.

Active Ingredient:  Each liter Contains: Indoxacarb 150 gram (w/v)

Crops: Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce

to control Diamond back moth, cabbage cabbage moth and worn

LamaProv 5 EC: Non-systemic، Curative and preventive insecticide with contact and stomach action used to control sucking and chewing insects on a wide range of crops, also decrease reproduction of spider mite and has long residual activity.

Active Ingredient:  Each liter Contains: Lambda-cyhalothrin 50gm

Crops: tomato, potato, cabbage, apple,pear and grape

to control white fly, aphids, leaf miners, worms, thrips, apple stem borer and apple fruit moth

Profos 48 EC: A non-systemic insecticide with contact, stomach & respiratory action, used to control a wide range of insects.

Active Ingredient: Each liter Contains: Chlorpyrifos 480 gm

Crops: potato, apple, pear, citrus and olive.

to control potato tuber moth, fruit worm, aphids,white fly, spider mite, red and black scale insect, thrips, citrus mealy bug, 

leaf piercing insect and citrus flower cut, 

PROMEXOL 30 SL : Systemic fungicide to control soil – borne diseases on a wide range of crop.

Active Ingredient: Each 1 liter contains: Hymexazol 300 gm (w/v)

Crops: cucumber, watermelon and ornamental

to control: fusariumt and pythium

ALSTAR PLUS 32.5 SC: fungicide with protectant, curative, eradicant, translaminar and systemic properties to control wide range of fungal diseases.
 used in IPM control programmes, don’t has any accumulated residues in treated crops.

Active Ingredient: Each 1 liter contains: Azoxystrobin 200gm (w/v) + Difenoconazole 125 gm (w/v)

Crops: carrot, tomato and potato

To control: leaf Blight, powdery mildew, early blight and late blight


MITEPRO 43 SC: Non-systemic Mitecide , It is characterized by its rapid impact from contact, controls all stages mite (egg, larvae, nymph, and adult)

Active Ingredient: Each 1 kg contains: Bifenzate 430 gm (w/w)

Crops: mint, potato, bean, walnut and cowpea

To control: red mite, two-spotted spider mite and broad mite